Welcome my friend! This is my first blog post, so I intend to make a proper introduction and write about what you can come to expect from this blog! As an extension of my integrative health coaching business, my hope is that this blog becomes a platform for building a modern health and wellness community in which you feel informed, supported, and inspired to take action towards better health for you and your family!

So who am I and why am I writing this blog? My name is Natalie and I am a Certified Integrative Health Coach, which means I partner with clients to empower them to make lasting health behavior changes that are critical to thriving in their best health and preventing illness. To learn more about health coaching, read here.

While I do work with a variety of clients, I have a passion for working with women to help them achieve better health for themselves and their families. I also have specialization in working with women who are going through critical life changes that require a change to how they approach and achieve their optimal health, such as pregnant and post-partum women, and busy working professional women who are struggling to achieve balance. Why this focus? I personally have struggled with navigating my health during these life stages. When I became pregnant, I quickly realized that I had to make changes to my nutrition, my fitness routine, and my professional career among other things if I wanted to thrive in my health. However, I realized that there was not an abundance of resources and support for women’s health in this area, so I sought out the best evidence-based research I could get my hands on and even got certified in pre & post-natal health and wellness coaching through Dr. Sears Wellness Institute so I could be a credible resource and coach for other women who wanted to know how to achieve their best health during and after pregnancy. During and before pregnancy, I also struggled with my role as a busy working professional, constantly feeling like I was in a losing war with achieving a balance between work and my health. As a technology sales executive, constant travel and high work demands and stress mixed a perfect cocktail for professional burnout as I found myself choosing work over my health and loved ones. While I struggled with this for years, I learned that you can achieve balance over burnout and I love helping women find their path to balanced wellness while still maintaining their #girlboss status in the workplace.

With those passions and personal story in mind, you will find my blog posts catered towards a woman’s unique health needs, with writing on nutrition, fitness, personal and professional development, family/motherhood, stress management, self-care, etc. Similar to my views on approaching health holistically, in collaboration with other health professionals, you will find that I aim to involve other expert health professionals with my blog, to bring you the most well-rounded and evidence-based health and wellness resources possible.

I intend to publish a post weekly, so be sure to subscribe to my blog here. I look forward to sharing my passion for wellness with you and bringing you content that truly interests and prospers you!

Xoxo, Natalie