5 Essential Dressings Your Family Will Love

I don't know about you, but I struggle to find delicious dressings and sauces at the grocery store that aren't chalk full of calories and bad ingredients. Since having a baby in January, I haven't had a ton of time (go figure) to come up with creative lunches and...

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3 Protein Packed Pastas & A Healthy Spring Penne Recipe

You guys, I am almost giddy to share with you my new obsession with plant-powered, high-protein, pastas that are grain-free and taste like the real deal. I normally associate pasta with a heavier meal, and seldom eat pasta because of its lackluster nutritional...

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Prenatal Nutrition: The Do’s & Don’ts

We’ve all heard the phrase “Eating for Two” when referring to a woman’s unique nutritional needs during pregnancy, but there are a lot of myths behind what this saying really means. Pregnancy is not a reason to eat twice as much, but rather a reason to be twice as...

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NVision Vitality – An Intro to the Blog

Welcome my friend! This is my first blog post, so I intend to make a proper introduction and write about what you can come to expect from this blog! As an extension of my integrative health coaching business, my hope is that this blog becomes a platform for building a...

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