The first time I worked out after Anderson was born, I had a rude awakening. We were doing jumping jacks and I was ill-prepared in a nursing bra, sans padding, which meant not only was I leaking, but I had to resort to crossing my arms across my chest to hold my swollen boobs in place in order to comfortably partake in the exercise (a very foreign thing for this 34B pre-baby chest). Follow that up with a crying and very hungry 6-week-old baby who wanted to nurse immediately post-workout and I realized I needed a nursing sports bra – STAT. I asked a few fellow moms that I took Stroller Strides class with if they had any recommendations for nursing sports bras, but I quickly realized that they are harder to come by than you would think. In fact, I had to scour the Internet to even find a few that were truly intended to accommodate a nursing mother. Hence, why this blog post was born. In this post I have reviewed my 3 favorite nursing sports bras and why all of them have a place in my wardrobe, along with 5 other options you may want to consider based on your size, budget, and preferred style of exercise.

1. Gilligan & O’Malley Nursing Yoga Bra ($19.99)

This bra from Target was the first nursing sports bra I purchased (immediately after my first workout class). This is my favorite low-impact sports bra, and here are a few other reasons why I love it and own it in every color (no, seriously).
  • It’s an actual flattering style. this bra is a little low cut, which is a breath of fresh air from some of the sports bras that give you that uniboob look. 
  • It’s a racerback style, making it tank-top friendly. I prefer tank tops when I work out so it’s nice not to have my bra straps showing in the back.
  • It washes really well. I don’t know about you, but it’s a personal pet peeve when I wash sports bras and the padding immediately comes out or gets so out of place that I have to spend 10 minutes desperately fishing my hand through the tiny hole in the bra attempting to readjust the cup padding to it’s normal position. The padding in this bra stays put, wash after wash. Also, hooray for it having cups (ahem, if you happen to leak).
  • It’s extremely comfortable. It’s so comfortable that I find myself sleeping in this bra quite a bit.
  • It’s simple to nurse in this bra. Simply unsnap the strap at the shoulder to nurse and it’s easy to snap back in place. Believe me, this is tried and true tested through 3 am nursing sessions in the pitch dark.
  • Reasonable price. This is the cheapest of my favorite nursing sports bras I’ve found, which is why I felt guilt-free buying them in every color!


  • It’s made for more low-impact athletics like yoga, walking, biking, etc. I don’t recommend this one for running or HIIT workouts, especially if you are large chested.

2. Love & Fit Strappy Back Nursing Bra ($55.00)

I just recently stumbled across this sports bra online (thank you Instagram), and was pleased to see that their entire line of athletic wear is made specifically for mamas! This company gets it! This bra tops my list as my favorite sports bra for the following reasons:
  • It’s extremely cute and can be worn with tank tops. Just take a look at the back of this bra! You would never know it’s a nursing sports bra.
  • It’s well-made and comfortable.
  • They make two different sports bras intended for higher-impact workouts, with this Fit Mama Nursing Sports Bra designed for high-impact support.
  • Their entire line is made by and for moms, so they’ve thought about every little detail/feature you could want in a sports bra. You need to check out their other athletic wear meant to take you from Pregnancy to postpartum. I’m crushing on the leggings and nursing sweatshirt.
  • Higher Price. This is the priciest of my favorites; however, they do offer 10% discount if you sign up with your email though.

3. SYROKAN High Impact Maximum Support Sports Bra ($24.99)

If you have a larger chest and/or like higher impact workouts such as running, HIIT, etc., this bra is for you! While it wasn’t specifically made for nursing moms in mind, it comes with adjustable straps for a perfect fit, so all you have to do is un-velcro the strap to nurse.
  • It’s extremely supportive.  I wear this sports bra when I go for runs or if I have a high-impact workout where I don’t want to feel any bounce.
  • It’s reasonably priced. At $24.99, it’s a good mix of quality and value.
  • It’s Adjustable. This bra can be adjusted with the velcro straps to give you the perfect, personalized fit.
  • No racerback style so I wear this when I’m not wearing a workout tank.
  • It’s not very easy to get the strap down and back in place after nursing. Mamas who have a hangry baby on your hands, you know the difference in stress between easy access and a strap you have to fumble with for 20 seconds.
As you can tell, it’s easy to have multiple go-to styles based on comfort, style, and the workout you’ll be doing. While that wraps up my detailed review on my personal favorites, I’ve also included a few other nursing sports bras that I’ve found during my research that may appeal to you. To be clear, I haven’t personally tried the following styles, but I would love to hear from you if you have.
I hope that women’s athletic apparel companies catch on to the fact that post-partum nursing mamas like the athleisure trend (aka pretty much the excuse to wear yoga pants and cute workout outfits all day, every day), and they work out hard too. We need a nursing sports bra that will take us from midnight feedings to that AM workout class to that afternoon play date or lunch with friends. But more importantly, I hope that this post gives you a launching point for finding the perfect nursing sports bra for YOU!
Wishing You Great Health & Happiness,